How to carve pumpkin in SL



One morning, I went to the Ashiyu footbath and found Unitan’s fresh head on the floor.


The culprit seems to have dug up a pumpkin and made it.


Some kind of blueprints was also placed. It was quite a premeditated crime.


Then, at one shopping event, I discovered the tools used in the crime.


Yes, this was exactly what it looked like. Anyone can easily carve Halloween pumpkins with this. There was some kind of procedure explained here.

Step 1. カボチャを用意します。

Step 1: Prepare the pumpkin.

Step 2. 絵を描いた紙を貼り付けます

Step 2: Paste the painted paper.

Step 3. 付属の道具でかぼちゃを彫っていきます

Step 3: Carve the pumpkin with the included tools.

Step 4. 中にロウソクを入れて出来上がり

Step 4: Place a candle inside and voila!


Oh my god, the culprit could have committed this crime so easily! Okay, let’s identify the culprit from the list of purchasers. To be continued?

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