“Next” of Music app didn’t work on macOS 10.15 Catalina

I was suffering a problem of Music app on macOS 10.15.3 Catalina. When I click the “Next” button, the app skips to about 10 songs ahead. I searched the issue in Google, Apple Support, Apple Community, but I could not find the solution.

I gave up to solve it and did the maintenance things which I do regularly, such as increasing a free space of Macintosh HD.

Through that work, I found “Reset Music Store cache” button and press it.

On the next day, I checked the “For You” songs as usual, the problem has been fixed!

I’m not sure clearing cache was the solution, but you should try it.

How I reclaimed the free spaces of macOS Mojave

Recently, I upgraded main SSD drive from 500GB to 1TB. Soon, something is consuming the free space of the SSD.

I googled and tried everything I can, but none of them changed the situation.

But, finally I got the reason for this.

Read this article: https://daisydiskapp.com/manual/4/en/Topics/HiddenSpace.html

I do backup everyday using CCC(Carbon Copy Cloner). It has a feature similar Time Machine. So, everytime I make backup, it create a snapshot by default.

But I didn’t know CCC has such a feature.

I deleted some of the old snapshots, the free space increased as it was.

You can set the minimum free space ( 30GB is the default ). So, set it like 100GB, you will be happy!



それはCarbon Copy Cloner(CCC)のSnapshot機能だったのだ。CCCはデフォルトでSnapshotを保存する機能がオンになっているらしく、知らない間にそれが空き容量を食いつぶしていた。